Corporate Gifts & Clothing

Killing two birds with one stone has never been easier, not to mention effective. Gifting while marketing your company, ingenious! With a wide range of gifts that will cover interests, genders and hobbies, we can make all of your customers/employees are happy while giving you brand maximum exposure.

Retail Advertising

Custom printed Menus, wobblers, table standees, custom placemats to mention a few will take your company brand f


Printed packaging materials help distinguish your products from your competition, but it also shapes your customers’ perceptions of your brand. This makes finding the right packaging solutions critical to any business. Whether you need customised clothing tags, labels, boxes or packaging sleeves we offer high-quality package printing solutions.

School Prints

Schools have their own set of needs and while they are very self sufficient with most of the printing there are a fews things that need to be outsources to maintain the excellence that parents require form them.