Customers love looking at menus that have great visuals – it appeals to their sensory appetite. It cleverly influences their decision as it is a lot easier when they are able to visualise what they are ordering. This applies to both food and drinks menus.Your menu is your marketing tool, it is also an ambassador of your establishment. Do not let an opportunity to impress go to waste. Customers tend to prejudge the quality of the establishment and food based on how they resonate with the menu. If the menu is poorly printed or does not have enough information, it will hamper the experience of your customers. If you want return business, you should not compromise on quality.

Invitations & Envelopes

Stand out from the crowd and host your coveted event in style when you choose to create unique, custom invites for your personal or professional celebration. Or make your wedding extra special and add photos, monograms and wedding invitation designs that will capture the hearts of your loved ones. Elevate your event to red-carpet status with stunning printed invitations! Our customised invitations, announcements and thank-you cards are expertly printed on premium paper to ensure brilliant colour rendering and a sophisticated look finished with a velvety touch. 

Table Standees

Table standee printing is one of your most cost effective and inexpensive advertising and marketing tools for any table top. Custom table standees are an affordable way to reinforce your brand while promoting additional specials. These standees have the ability to get people to notice you and even get them talking about you. The perfect print marketing for all sizes of restaurants, cafes and bars. If you provide table space for your customers, table standee advertising is a practical solution to influence the consumer. But table standees are more than just for commercial restaurants and food services, they are also an effective advertising tool for conventions, trade shows, church events and much more. The sky is the limit.


Wobblers are designed to be eye catching in shops, drawing in the customers to view new products or special offers, encouraging awareness and visibility of sales or promotional messages.

Custom Placemats

Custom designed placemats will not only enhance your décor but illicit a memorable dining experience for your customers. Table mats finished with unique messaging and appetising artwork will stimulate customers to try new items or learn about your brand in the moments where you are unable to market to them face-to-face. Table placemats are ideally suited to restaurants and these placemats can be laminated, to ensure longevity and extended use. Convey your message is a visually effective way that is affordable and unique to your business. Our high-quality placemat printing process uses a combination of vibrant inks coupled with superior paper to give your tableware mats that stand-out quality that every customer desires.