It’s amazing how a simple piece of paper can make someone feel treasured and appreciated, so give someone the recognition they deserve by presenting them with a certificate from INK. Your certificate can be as sweet and playful as you want or as professional and formal as you need. Whether you need certificates for a graduation ceremony, company conference, sports ceremony, a child’s preschool diploma, or even an employee of the month award, we have the ability to print large volumes or smaller quantities of certificates in a short amount of time.


Short Run Printing Service for Textbooks, Course Material and School Books is the way of the future as content needs to update on a regular basis. Our digital world is growing, but the facts about textbooks will always remain. Information is better when it is printed, this is because print feels more personable, it is easier to interact with, information is easier to find, and with print, you are not confined to a small screen. With our textbook printing, give students the edge they need in their educational endeavours


Booklet printing has a near never-ending list of possible applications for both personal and professional use. Whether you’re looking to create a magazine, catalogue or programme to showcase your products and services, our high quality, expertly printed booklets have got you more than covered. Printed on a range of sizes and paper options, you don’t have to hold back when making your choice. From practical yet stylish stapled brochures, to perfect bound booklets (PUR binding – polyurethane reactive is most durable book binding glue available), which are printed on and finished on your choice inner/cover paper. Trust the experts when it comes to your booklet printing needs.

Raffle booklets

Raffles will forever be the best fund raisers school can have. The more attractive the prize the more you can charge. Now with beautifully designed and structured booklets you can push that price up even more.





Help establish an ongoing relationship with your customers using professionally printed newsletters or keep your staff up to date. Newsletters can help you communicate all of the products and services you offer to your customers in a way that highlights the benefit you bring. Add newsletters to your arsenal of marketing and promotional tools.