Banners | X-banners | Pull up banners

Banners give you the opportunity to get levels up on your competitors, creatively designed banners coupled with powerful messaging is exactly how your banner will stand out from the rest. The use of bright colours, clean simplistic artwork will capture your audience and draw them to your brand – a tried and tested marketing tool. These banners are the sexier, simply and more effective alternative to its lesser counterparts – roll up banner and pop-up banner and we highly recommend them for events and conferences.  

Telescopic/Sharkfin flags

These advertising giants are available as Arc Flag, Telescopic Flag or Sharkfin Flag and create a powerful visual impact in any setting. Printed flags ensure maximum impact and wide exposure not only in front of stores.

Vinyls & Sandblasting

Custom frosted glass vinyl graphics simulate the effect of etched glass. Frosted glass vinyl film allows some light to get through but it is opaque enough to provide privacy for conference rooms or other sensitive areas. The options are endless — you can put a simple frosted glass vinyl logo on your door, use it as a privacy film or even cover an entire conference glass wall for a brilliant frosted effect.

Snapper frames & A-frames

Hanging wire systems used for many purposes including hanging signsand point-of-sale displays, suspending light fittings and other lightweight cable hangingapplications – such as fixing suspended decorative displays or acoustic ceiling panels.

Hanging systems

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